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Company Profile

Asiacom Technology Ltd. is a recognized excellent distributor of electronic components and devices in China. Founded in 2000, headquartered in Shenzhen, we have 11 offices all over the country, respectively in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao and Hong Kong. With years’ market exploration and deployment, our business has grown considerably. We have deep understanding of the electronics market in Great China area. Currently, Asiacom is the franchised distributor and technical representative of dozens of industry leading semiconductor companies. We have been consecutively elected as the top 10 best franchised Chinese distributors. We have been honored as the excellent supplier or distributor by our partners.

To differentiate ourselves from ordinary distributors, we provide our customers with not only competitive price and in-time delivery, but also in-depth circuit design and comprehensive system integration service, assisting our customers to get through their design bottlenecks and reduce their R&D cost. With a group of experts and engineers who possess rich experiences in various fields, such as wire-line and wireless, telecommunications, data communication, industrial control, automobile electronics, software development and mixed signal circuit design, Asiacom is well-known for excellent design-in ability and system integration expertise, enjoying a good reputation in many hard-penetrated regions. To enhance our competence, we set up our own laboratory, integrating our franchised products into complete circuit design, module design.. A golden service triangle is built by incorporating products, technologies and sales, aiming at fully understanding and acquirement of customers’ demands. Asiacom also play a role of technical consultant/counselor as well as supplier, offering the best real-time services

Company Organization

Service Idea

  • Credible

    自慰最新网站Fulfill commitment to customer

  • Flexible

    Try every means to meet customer needs

  • Fast

    Response to customer anytime, anywhere

  • Professional

    自慰最新网站Make customer successful at full stretch

Core Values

Customer satisfaction is the sole reason for our existence, and their needs are the driving force for the company’s development. We uphold the Customer-Centric philosophy, with a focus on rapid response to customer needs and our aim is to constantly create value for them to ensure customer satisfaction. The key to our success is to ensure success of our customers.
All our efforts are to create value. Correctly evaluating and rationally distributing value is at the core of our company's management. All activities and business operations of the enterprise should focus on creating value for our customers and their companies. Value contribution and fulfilling responsibility are the sole criteria to determine each department and each employee's work performance. Company philosophy on value distribution is directed by how much value is contributed. We must ensure that employees who have been striving hard to continuously contribute value to the company are rewarded reasonably and fairly.
Diligence is fundamental
自慰最新网站 Our biggest plus point is our hard work. We do not rely on any resource except our own industriousness. This is what will win respect and trust from our clients and ensure continuous success. Employees who work diligently for the company and contribute their time and effort are the most valuable assets of the company. They are the company’s stakeholders and benefit sharers.


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    Date | 2016
    Award | Best Distributor
    Source | FIT

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    Date | 2016
    Award | Best Account Development
    Source | FCI

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    Date | 2016
    Award |
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    Date | 2015
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